How can YOU help Building Up Lives Foundation?

  • Be an Advocate, Volunteer, or on our Support Team,
  • Donate funds to keep our bills paid, and programs going.
  • Provide Resources and Research,
  • Join the Support group with over 9,000 members,
  • Be a Family Law Victim Advocates/Support Volunteers,
  • Donate to the Food Program- Building Up Lives Foundation pays into a Food Program that feeds Victims, their families, and the community,
  • Donate Clothing and Household items for the Cause; Donated items get cleaned if they are used and handed to victims, their families or those in hardship. Building Up Lives Foundation is always in need of make up, brand new beds (we cannot give out used beds), work boots, tools to get back to work… like laptops.
  • Help with Domestic Violence Prevention
  • Transportation, Donate a vehicle. WE NEED A BOX TRUCK
  • If you have a rental and would like it rent it to assist victims with housing- Contact: [email protected]

If you are in an Abusive Situation and NEED housing- Contact JulieAnn at 951-550-5466

  • Volunteer.. text 951-550-5466 before 9am of the day you would like to volunteer

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO: VOLUNTEER, DONATE OR RECEIVE SERVICES CONTACT JulieAnn at 951-550-5466 (text/phone) or Email: [email protected]

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