Our Mission is to HEAL and REBUILD LIVES…

Building Up Lives Foundation is an ALL-volunteer nonprofit that helps other Nonprofits, the underserved, disadvantaged and the community.

(Heal is an understatement now… COVID-19 has changed so many things).

by assisting those involved in hardships and abuse, with resources and support.

Building Up Lives Foundation is a 501 C3 nonprofit; EIN 83-1682841. We are located in Moreno Valley at: 23185 Hemlock, Suite A., Moreno Valley, California 92557. This address is a drop off center, and only open on Sundays 3pm-7pm and Monday 9am-2pm we do outreach the other days of the week.

Save Lives Project– is a program with the purpose to assist Nonprofits, Law Enforcement, Healthcare, Mental Health, Social Workers, and the underserved with essentials, food, meals, clothing, blankets, toys, hygiene items, medical needs, adult diapers/needs, masks, and various items at any given time.

We are a Community Support Center that assists with food, clothing, hygiene, PTSD help, and services like homelessness, rapid re-housing through our partnerships to anyone in need.

Food Bank BOOTHS– We have a “program” that has been very successful. Located at Our Place Restaurant 23935 Sunnymead Blvd, Moreno Valley, CA 92553

OPEN: 7 days a week from 8am-2pm. The Food Bank Booth is available to anyone in need at the same hours the restaurant is open. With this first location we are able to see the success to the community this booth is. OUR GOAL for 2024 is to have 10 MORE of these BOOTHS setup in various businesses for the community in need. If you are a business owner and interested in hosting a Food Booth please text us at 951-550-5466

Houseless Project- Homeless/Houseless can get mail at the Building Up Lives Foundation address, as well as use the address for job purposes too. In which Building Up Lives Foundation gives out FREE work clothing, hygiene, food, and supplies. We use out of the box ways to get then into permeant housing, and we have helped house over 2,000 people.

GIVEAWAYS- We giveaway trailers full of items to the community. For DATES and TIME of these please follow us on FACEBOOK.

Emergency EXIT team- Building Up Lives Foundation also offers assistance with Domestic Violence. We have an Emergency EXIT team that will assist a person or family safely out of a domestic violent situation.

Emotional Support Person- We offer Emotional Support people who go to Family Law Court with the victims.

Grief Support- a community center for Grief Support for those who have lost loved ones.

Pet Adoptions and RESCUE– Many houseless have pets that need to be fostered until they get on their feet. Building Up Lives Foundation works with Animal Rescue to do just that.

SHOP FOR A CAUSE Fundraiser Once a month in 2024 we will host a FUNDRAISER and do a silent auction for items. Please follow us on FACEBOOK.

Gifting Trailers to nonprofit organizations. When donations come to us, we pay for the items to be loaded, sorted and delivered to smaller nonprofit organizations.

HOLIDAY PROGRAMS– Building Up Lives Foundation helps over 500 families during the holidays. We are the ONLY non-profit organization that gives out toys on Christmas day.

CHRISTMAS Day 2023 we fed those living in cars, home alone, and homeless.
Setting Up for 150 to Celebrate Christmas
Community FUN and teaching to GIVE.. the Youth take part in hiding 50-100 bags of Great Stuff to be found by the public..
Youth handing out Cookies and Flowers to the Seniors.
OPERATION GIVE.. paying peoples grocery bills Dec 31st.

FREE Santa Photos and Youth Crafts

PTSD and Trauma Help we provide various help for PTSD and trauma, sun and swimming are a few. Our Westley Center is a way to escape and heal.

Youth HELP
Homeless help
Finding the MISSING.. we helped locate 2 adults and two children

This includes:

  • Emergency EXIT team for Domestic Violence Victims
  • SHOP FOR A CAUSE Fundraiser once a month
  • Nonprofit Network meetings– once a month with Moreno Valleys Mayor
  • FREE MARKET-Giveaways; follow us on FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM
  • HOUSELESS assistance
  • Giving GIVES– a Youth Program.. that teaches the youth the value of helping others.
  • Hidden Bags– a community involved Scavenger hunt that helps people learn areas of the city and boosts morale.
  • AGENCY/BUSINESS assistance– helping business and nonprofits with homeless problems.
  • Domestic Violence Prevention
  • Food Bank/BOOTH
  • FREE Clothing
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Emotional Support Person– we will go to court with victims of crimes.
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Safety Education and Resources
  • Room and Board Coalition founding members.
  • Peer Support Specialist
  • BY APPOINTMENT (951) 550-5466 text

EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: 951-550-5466

Building Up Lives Foundation, offers the information on this website as a service to internet users and our members. Although the information on this site is about legal issues and informational services, it is not legal advice.

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