Here are ways Building Up Lives Foundation is assisting through this crisis.

  1. Assistance with HMIS, HUD and Behavioral Health.
  2. Assisting the NEW HOMELESS (folks that are being evicted or asked to leave because of the fear in getting the virus) into motels and homes.
  3. Providing FOOD to the Food Banks and those in need.
  4. Bringing FOOD to the AGENCIES in need.
  5. Feeding those SHUT IN.
  6. Feeding and clothing handed out to ESSENTIALS and Agencies.
  7. Providing the community with FREE books.
  8. Emotional Support.
  9. Suicide Prevention.
  10. PTSD help.
  11. Community Services.
  12. Providing ANSWERS and SOLUTIONS in complicated times.
  13. Bringing Board games and educational items to the Motel Population.
  14. Pay it forward Education to all we help.
  15. Hygiene and woman’s needs to all Motel and homeless folks.
  16. Baby items to pregnant moms and babies.
  17. Animal rescue, and re-homing. Special thank you to Early’s Reptile and Small Critter Rescue.
  18. Sponsoring MONTHLY Blood Drives with LifeStream Blood Bank
  19. Self Defense training
  20. Youth and young adult training

In 2020 Building Up Lives Foundation received many calls from seniors scared to go to the store and they were eating their pets food. They were starving enough to eat their dogs food. That is when Building Up Lives Foundation jumped in and started to deliver food.

Food bank