LOVE EACH OTHER~ Karen Taylor mother of Lakers star Stanley Johnson, and her goddaughter Anna
Sorting Christmas Giveaways
Volunteer Lynn Davis assisting with the Food Program

COVID FREE and SAFE car.. gloves stay in the sun when not in use, oral thermostat to double check ZERO fever in anyone. .
Donated designer items, labels removed and boxes inventories so that the smaller nonprofits can come into the Building Up Lives Foundation store and pick the boxes they need.
A truck going out to feed the homeless in the Riverbeds. Each box has 100 meals
Burton Photography donates her time to help Building Up Lives Foundation and those in it.
Feeding March Military BASE
Truck off to MEXICO for those in need.
A volunteer that was homeless after being hit in the back of his head. He lost his voice, memory and ability to walk. After volunteering his ability to walk no longer needed tools (walker), his memory is coming back.
Building Up Lives Foundation’s commercial refrigeration that JulieAnn purchased to be able to feed 1550 a day

Founder- JulieAnn Stewart-Cleaveland

Christmas at Building Up Lives Foundation